Flash 8 Pro - I need the script for 6 buttons to play different parts of cue point embeded streaming movie

Hi, I am using Flash 8 Pro with Flash Media Encoder on Windows XP.
I have an encoded movie for which it has 6 embedded navigation cue points; I would like 6 custom buttons (which will eventually sit on top of part of my movie; each having an ability to jump to part of the movie and automatically play their designated section of the movie before stoping.

Users will be greeted with a static greeting image which will be used as 'home' and can be returned to.
The other 5 buttons will each have a small sequence/situation to play where they each will stop on there own designated scene after they have run their course.

Possible useful points:

My movie will end up being streamed from either our own streaming server or a streaming server service.

I have had a play with embedded navigation cue points found located at
The Adobe live documents site but they stop short of helping me with what I am trying to do.

Fully appreciate anyone who guide me here.
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Then you need 6 frames in your scene. Each is the cue point.
Paste the following actions for each button:

on (release) {

where 1 is the number of the frame you want to jump to.

You need to paste this action in your first frame:


or it will start to play your frames one by one.

You can even create dedicated scene for each of the cue point, it doesn't matter, but I recommend you to do it in a single scene, it will ease the layers management and other stuff.
Sorry, it will be more safe:

on (release) {
satmanukAuthor Commented:
Thanks for having a go at helping, more than I got on other boards; I found a solution just before checking back here and it seems to fit perfectly what I am trying to do. There was a presentation with synchronized graphics template there at
I found the solution at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/vidtemplate_corppreso.html# 


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