Vista speech recognition with excel 2007

I'm having trouble using vista speech recognition with excel 2007.  I'd like
to be able to dictate formula directly into cells.  Is this possible?  Is
there a default set of voice commands for use with excel for such things as
selecting cell ranges?

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dhoffman_98Connect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, so that's basically what I told you and is covered in some of the information I provided. So is this question closed?
According to the following article, and as I'm assuming you have already found out, speech recognition in the Office 2007 programs no longer exists. However because Vista has it's own speech recognition, you still have SOME functionality:

Unfortunately, speech recognition is now fairly generic and may not give you the granular level of function that you are looking for in Excel. Here is a listing of the basics of speech recognition commands and examples of how to do things:

dreamtribeAuthor Commented:
After posting the question, I discovered a Microsoft document that explains that dictation is not available in exchange when using vista speech recognition.

Speech Recognition dictation will work in a limited set of applications that support a technology called the Text Services Framework. This set of applications includes:

Microsoft Word and Outlook
Virtually all applications that are part of Windows Vista

Dictation will not work in many applications. These include, but are not limited to:

Microsoft PowerPoint
Lotus Notes
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