Does Exchange 2003 in Conjuction with Outlook 2003 reduce significant network traffic?

I posted a question regarding an issue we are having with our email being very slow to open or download to PST files.  Revew the questtion at

My new question is this.  Does incorporating exchange 2003 in conjunction with Outlook 2003 and all the feature microsoft claims that reduce network traffice actually work?

They claim two key items
1.  They say that by using larger buffer packets more information can be transferred more efficiently

2.  The other claim is that by using Outlook in Cached Exchange mode it reduces the amount of requests sent to the server once the mailbox is downloaded.  

I want to know if anyone can substantiate these claims.  Thanks
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The major speed benefits come with the use of cached mode, because all email is stored locally. If you are pulling email from Exchange live over any kind of remote connection (ie not a LAN) then you will see poor performance.
With all clients running in cached mode, because Outlook is doing all the work locally, there will be a performance increase because less traffic is moving around. The only traffic that has to come from the new server is new items and anything that is not stored locally (public folders and other people's mailboxes).

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