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How to modify MX record from my computer

changjia asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-05
Hi All:
My exchange server is configured to accept emails from **.net and **.com. We have modified MX record to assign a static IP to mail.xx.net. Now, we need to test if the exchange can receive emails sent to mail.xx.com. Without changing our MX record with ISP DNS, is there a way I can trick my local computer to change the MX record? Thanks  
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Not sure I follow.  You only want to accept mail from the .net and .com roots?  What if someone from .org or .biz...etc tries to send to you?  Or do you not want them to anyway?  Are you trying to say that you want your exchange server to not be an open relay?  Or are you trying maybe to accept email from only a certain server ip range, so that a proxy service can forward mail to you but nobody else can?  Just trying to wrap my head around the concept.  I have set up many exchange servers but have never limited incoming email by a root name before (I.E. *.com).
Bradley FoxLAN/WAN Systems Administrator

You could create an MX record on your internal domain server temporarily to test this.  The DNS server will not do an external lookup for you if it finds the record in the domain.  Just remember to do an ipconfig /flushdns on the client before and after the test so you aren't using any cached records.
Bradley FoxLAN/WAN Systems Administrator

EDIT: Internal Domain server = Internal DNS server


Hi MCsween:

Thanks, your suggestions are on target. Just Is there an article that shows me how to modify my internal DNS to do this? Thanks
Bradley FoxLAN/WAN Systems Administrator

if you are using Microsoft DNS server

Assuming you are using the domain xx.com

1. Start, Run, dnsmgmt.msc (on the dns server)
2. RC Forward Lookup Zone, New Zone
3. Primary zone
4. zone name "xx.com"
5. Next, Next, Finish
6. RC your new zone, new host
7. enter mail for the hostname and put in the external IP address of your exchange server
8. RC the zone agian and select "New Other Record"
9. Select "Mail Exchanger (MX)"
10. Leave "host or child domain blank"
11. Enter mail.xx.com for the FQDN of Mail server
LAN/WAN Systems Administrator
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Thanks MCSWEEN! It works! Great comment!
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