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Login Failure:  The Target name is incorrect

Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Our firm experienced a major Power Outage today, much longer than our UPS's could handle, so ALL SERVERS were down for about 3 hours... We're a Win2K AD domain, running on a single server, with a second server, running Win2K3, as an additional DC... (Built this way before I got here)...

After the outage, it seemed at one point like the W2K3 box booted up before the W2K box, and I think some kind of "promotion" or "election" or "roles confusion" thing happened, because a number of Users are getting the "Login Failure:  Target name is incorrect" (or something very similar to that) when they try to hit Mapped Drives...

I read a thread here about DCPROMO and so forth, but a) I'm not sure that's really my answer, and b) after all that we went thru today, I'm hesitant to "demote" the W2K3 server...

Also (may be unrelated) MOST of our machines (servers and computers) have their Event Logs filled with 1030 and 1058 errors, about not being able to find GPT.ini and so forth...

Any thoughts on these things?  The Mapped Drives issue is more important, because Users NEED access to those drives to do their jobs, and only some of the Users are working normally after today's outage...

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Here they say do not disjoin if DC.  Read what he says at the very end, may help.
Bradley FoxLAN/WAN Systems Administrator

DO Not run DCPromo, it will only cause you more issues

1. Make sure DNS is running on BOTH domain controllers
2. Make sure all clients have both a primary and secondary DNS (being each ADC)
3. Run a DCDiag on each ADC to see if there are any errors
4. Run Replmon on each ADC and make sure replication is happening properly
5. From a client with the errors run (nslookup domainname.local) to see if it resolves to both ADCs
6. Try an IPConfig /flushdns on the problem workstations and servers
7. Try an IPConfig /registerdns on the problem workstations

You will need to install the W2k3 support tools if you cannot run dcdiag or replmon from the start, run box.

FYI - There is nothing wrong with having 1 W2k and 1 W2k3 server hosting AD.


OK guys... For those of you who are desperately seeking this same solution, here's what I got from a call to Microsoft Support ($245) yesterday... THIS FIXED OUR ISSUE PERFECTLY:


It was my pleasure to serve you during your issue Users unable to access the mapped drives.  I am providing you with the summary of the key points of our case:

PROBLEM: When Users attempted to access their Mapped Drives, they received an error screen stating Login Failure:  The target account name is incorrect (and there were other errors, too& You mentioned a 1369 error when you tried to map drives manually, and some Event ID 4, Kerberos-related entries in your Event Logs)&

CAUSE: Due to the power failure your firm experienced on Monday, the root DC's secure channel was broken between all the DCs in your domain, and therefore Replication between DCs was failing; this involved Kerberos service tickets that were therefore not valid&

"      Checked Replication between DCs using REPLMON and found that Replication from your root DC to the other two was failing& The repeated error message was something like "Target principle name is incorrect"
"      Since we could not reboot your root DC during a production day, we downloaded and then ran Klist.exe (from the W2K Resource Kit) to purge all the Kerberos service tickets on your root DC; heres what we did:
o      Saved Klist.exe in the C: drive
o      From the command prompt we ran C:\klist purgeall
o      Ran the following command to reset the machine account's password:
    netdom resetpwd /server:[server name] /userd:[domainname]\administrator /passwordd:*
o      Forced the replication using REPLMON

After these processes, Replication was successful and Users could access the mapped drives and other domain resources again.


Error Message "Target Principal Name is Incorrect" When Manually Replicating Data Between Domain Controllers


I hope this helps someone out there.  THANKS, as always, for posting other great responses.
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