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ObjectDataSource Caching & Filtering

espadana asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-05
Hi,  I have been stock on this issue for a while now, and would be very gratful if you could help.

I am binding an Objectdatasource to a gridview to display some data.  I have letters A-Z as linkbuttons on top of the gridview, so that when user clicks a letter, the data in gridview is filtered and only those starting with that letter are shown.  The ODS cache duration is set to 360 seconds.

I have managed to get caching and filtering to work on their own, but not together.  When both are used,  and I click on a letter to filter the data, the code always calls the function to get data from database, and does not use cached data (i.e. I am trying to filter the data cahced in the ODS). below is the code for my ODS:

<asp:objectdatasource id="ObjectDataSource1" runat="server" CacheDuration="360" EnableCaching="True" selectmethod="GetFeedData" typename="DataFunctions" FilterExpression="Name LIKE '{0}%'">
    <asp:Parameter Name="SearchID" DefaultValue="502185" Type="int32"  Direction="Input" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="FilterID" DefaultValue="502186" Type="int32"  Direction="Input" />
    <asp:Parameter Name="CompanyID" Type="int32"  Direction="Input" />
     <asp:Parameter Name="PagingLetter" DefaultValue="A" Type="string" Direction="Input" />
       <asp:Parameter Name="Paging" Type="String" DefaultValue="A" />
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Thanks alot for the link.

Although the information is useful, it does not seem to address the issue im having.  I am not fiddling with cachekeydependency or trying to manually remove cache from ODS.  I just want to be able filter what is already cached on the ODS.

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