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Outlook 2003 can't find mail servers - sometimes

lgottlieb45 asked
Last Modified: 2011-10-03
We have a computer, XP Pro SP2, Outlook 2003 and 2 logins.  On one login, we can get email in the morning.  When we come home for lunch, Outlook can't find either the incoming or outgoing mail servers, even if we reference them by IP address.  If you logout and login it doesn't help.  If you restart the machine, it works.  The other login doesn't do this.  While the error condition exists, creating a new email account or even a new Outlook profile doesn't help.
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It sounds like you have a roaming profile with some sort of redirection for your outlook settings going on here can you please advise to whether your in a domain with active directory or is it simply two profiles on a workgroup setting?

Since it works fine first thing in the morning, then doesn't work after a long period of inactivity I suspect some sort of power saving event. Even though it is the same computer the power profiles are user specific. On the user login with the issue, check "Power Option" in Control Panel and set everything to Always On and "Never" under the "Plugged In" profile. Then check the properties for the network card and make sure it doesn't sleep.


Sorry, none of these suggestions has solved the problem.  Additionally, the second login is now showing the same behavior.

Perhaps it is in the connection to the internet. When Outlook is NOT working, can you open a browser and surf the internet? Can you open an DOS window and ping www.yahoo.com or ping Or access anything on your local network? (network printer, router, xbox or such) How is it connected to the internet? It could be a failing network card on your PC. Could be a failing Router.. Make sure all your ethernet card drivers are the latest version. A driver could be hanging.
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