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Need to send all email externally

nemesis1210 asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-05
I am trying to configure exchange 2007 to send all emails externally, including those which would normally be delivered locally. I am hoping to do this from within exchange, at the moment I have it working but its messy and requires me to use another server running sendmail on linux, I would love to decommision that server and just use exchange.
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As you know, all email in 2007 goes through the Hub Transport.
So what you need to do is to create a Journaling Rule on the HT to send email to an external address.
Create a mail enabled contact for the address you need the mail to go to before you do anything because you'll need it when you follow the journaling wizard through.

You can use a Transport Rule to do this easily......

Just curious what you goal is or what you are sending them out.

With the transport rule specify your condition, then under action say Redirect to following address/or add X user to the message etc...

I do it because I use a couple of gmail accounts as a backup/archive on my lab servers. Why? Why not? :-)

Just curious, :P  


Ok I guess I was not clear enough in my orignal request and to answer ATIG as to what the Goal is, so here is a scenario of what I am trying to achieve.

Both user and user2 have exchange mailboxes, and also IMAP mailboxes on another mail system.

when an email is sent to user2@domain.com from outside the organization it is received in the IMAP system as it should.

when an email is sent from user@domain.com to user2@domain.com from inside the organization it is delivered locally to user2's mailbox on exchange. I want that email to instead of being delivered locally to go through an SMTP connector and delivered to the mailbox for user2@domain.com on the IMAP system.

We are using exchange primarily for calendar, contact and email storage only, not incoming email so users only have to check their IMAP inbox for incoming mail.

easy enough, create a contact for user2@domain.com and set the mailbox to forward to user2@domain.com

I guess I should say a mail enabled contact :P

It wouldn't be user2@domain.com though would it? It would be user2@imap-domain.com (whatever that is since domain.com is on the 2007 box which will be authoritative for the domain) And that would be a journaling rule.

And that's going to screw you up a little because user2@ is going to get the message from user@ twice; once when the message comes to him through Exchange (you can't stop that unless you completely stop user and user2 communicating directly which would be a horrible idea) and once when the IMAP message arrived.

Well, that's the how but I'm baffled as to why messages from user@ to user2@ who are on the same mail system should go to the IMAP system at all?

Sounds like the user primarily user an alternate email system, you dont need a journal nor transport in this config all he needs to do is create a mail enabled contact and have the user mbx forward to the alternate account.

Yeah, I know, but if the two guys are sat on the same email system they wouldn't forward to the other mail system.
I've worked in enough jobs where I've had to MAPI to one and IMAP to another but I've never heard where anyone wanted to do the forwarding like this.

hey, I dont ask........  it all sounds wierd but its not my system :)

It could be simiar to my envrionments where there is a comman namespace throughout the world.....

Instead of him domain being authorative he can set it to ineternal realy this will allow use2@domain.com to forward to an exteranl server to is responsible for that name.


ATIG - I cant create a contact with the same email address as it gives an error saying it already exists in another object.

czcdct - it would be user2@domain.com as the email addresses are the same for exchange and IMAP, and would a journalling rule work as again I cant create a contact with the same email address. The reason is all users in the organization use the IMAP system. However the 300 in my supported area utilize exchange for calendaring and such, and to move messages into their mailbox for storage as the IMAP is limited to 150 mb our exchange has no limits with a couple users exceeding 2 gb. All users want to only access incoming mail in one location the IMAP otherwise they will have to check 2 web environments to check their mail, set up 2 vacation messages and such, we tried it for a while and emails were being missed and confusion started with the users.

another possible solution that I dont know if it is feasable as it was not on 2003 that I could find, is if there is maybe a way to give my active directory account a different primary email address but when users send email their real email address is used in the From and Reply to fields.

This one is on us!
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Yeah, ATIG is right. You certainly don't want to try and run the same domain name.
That whole thing is awful.
Forced accept.

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