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Windows Server 2003: Blocking Internet Access by User

Last Modified: 2013-11-08
Running windows XP SP2 on client computers, using microsoft server 2003 I would like to know the best practice to implement a change to block only internet access by user.
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You can go about this several ways, the best practice would be editing group policy.  Within Windows Server 2003 Group policy you can disallow certain clients from accessing programs such as internet explorer.  If you have a router you can also stop them from connecting to the internet period by their MAC address but I've never tried monitoring internet access this way.


So it is required to edit the entire group of users?  Currently we have group setup that will not make that an easy change.  Is it possible to do this at the individual user level rather than at the group level?
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Budi SantosoIT Infrastructure Manager

Group Policy only work with Internet explorer. If user using other browser, they still freely access to the internet.
What about client messenger ? they still can using it.

Disabling DNS will stop Internet access with any browser. Your Lan services should be unaffected.
Budi SantosoIT Infrastructure Manager

Dns still used to optimize the network traffic.
I think the best solution is using scripting to disable internet port from user's windows firewall.
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