Reset Visual studio 2005 system message box questions without re-installing

In Visual Studio 2005 there are a lot of system message boxes that open up as you begin to use the development platform and ask you usage questions when you select one this box never shows up again and your software then behaves in this manner all the time. I assume the on/off is stored in the registry somewhere.

What I want to do is reset all my inputted answers without re-ionstalling my entire Visual Studio 2005 package. Can you do that?
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Justin_WConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe that those settings are stored underneath the "C:\Documents and Settings\accountName\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio" folder. Deleting or editing the files under that folder might do the trick, but I'm not sure what other side effects it could have. As a test, you could log in as a different user, start VS.NET, and check the differences in the other user's copy of that folder before and after.
SanclerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, I think the settings files are probably in the same main folder as contains, in its Projects sub-folder, your project files.  I put it that way, rather than giving an absolute path, because the path to the settings is one that may have been customised.

On the normal patter, within that main folder, there will be a sub-folder Settings, and within that further sub-folders for the parts of Visual Studio that you have installed.  Within those there are files with the extensions .vssettings.

Although you could fiddle with those directly (they can be opened with a text editor such as Notepad) I have never done so, and I'm not sure what side effects there will be.  But the IDE provides a facility to (I think) achieve what you want without doing that.  Open VS and click on Tools in the menu.  Then select Import and Export Settings ...  That provides three options - Export, Import and Reset.  I suggest you use the first of them first, in case anything goes wrong.  And then the last of them if you want to reset to defaults.

If, rather than a wholesale reset, you just want to alter some of the answers you originally gave, I think Tools>Options should provide the means to do it.

And, if you have any difficulty locating the .vssettings files (should you still wish to do so), Tools>Options should help you to do so.  Under the Environment node in the treeview on the dialog for that, there should be a sub-node for Import and Export Settings.  If you click on that, the path to your settings folder should be shown on the right hand side.

wilsoadaAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys both your answers helped now I just have to find the setting I'm looking for :)
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