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Reading Messages in Exchange

Steveh24 asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-05
Our company would like to see some messages that have been sent by one of our employees without them knowing.

I know I can reset the password on the Domain Controller, but they will know that their Account has been accessed, so is it possible for the Administrator to read messages in a Users Mailbox from within the Exchange Server.

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You need to add full mailbox access to the mailbox you need to view - http://www.petri.co.il/grant_full_mailbox_rights_on_exchange_2000_2003.htm


This sort of works and i have experimented with this already, but what we really want to see is the users Sent & Deleted folder as this is usually where any incriminating Emails will reside.

How can I see these folders.


As above grant yourself full access to the mailbox and then simply create an outlook profile to connect to the new mailbox and open it. Or you can add the mailbox as a secondary mailbox using Control Panel > Mail > Email accounts > Change > More Settings > Advacned > Add. If you have done the permissions correctly you will see all the mailbox data that is available on the Exchange server. If the users move this data into local PST files then you need to gain access to the computer.


When I try to add the mailbox as a secondary mailbox using Control Panel > Mail, I do not get the options you have described, instead it opens a dialog box with 3 tabs, the defauly being Services, which has 3 options in the box, Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook Address Book and Personal Folders

We are using Exchange 2000 and Outlook 2000, what do I need to do.

Also if I add the mailbox as a secondary mailbox, will new mail come to that Mailbox or will they still go to the users Mailbox ??

Basically, this needs to be a stealth operation such that the User is unaware that their mail is being viewed.
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One more thing to consider is that this may be illegal for you to do this also. Although the company owns the system, the boss is telling you to, etc it still may not be legal for you to do this so keep this is the back of your mind or better yet check with your local legal department.


mass2612, yes you may be right about the legal side and I will check it out, but your solution worked perfectly and I can now see the entire users Mailbox.

I will create a personal folder and copy everthing to it, then I can view it off-line

Many thanks for your help


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