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Can you upgrade (replace) CPU's on an AMD Turion 64 X2 motherboard or are you committed to what you've purchased?

Last Modified: 2013-12-13
I was wondering if you can upgrade the CPU on a dual-core motherboard, specifically the AMD Turion 64 or are you committed to the motherboard/CPU combination purchased?
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yes, the mobo model is needed for that info
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Of course the motherboard will only accept AMD CPU's not Intel. Different socket types.
I feel uneasy leaving this Q without knowing the motherboard model as there are other possible incompatibilities that need to be addressed. If you need help finding out your motherboard model, here is a great program to do this with called CPU-z. It should be able to identify it for you.
Just download it to a folder and unzip it, click on the CPUz.exe icon and check under the Mainboard tab for this info.


Thanks - a friend is purchasing a Dell Inspirion AMD Turion 64 X2 (TL-64), advertised as 2.2 GHz/1MB).

I was just wondering that if, down the road, he wants to upgrade his CPU, if it would be possible.
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My answer was dependant on this being a desktop model.
As there are both Inspiron desktops and laptops I should expand on my answer.
If its a laptop that can change the situation, as replacing a CPU in a Dell laptop can void the warranty. It also involves disassembly which can be tricky in a laptop.
Also its very hard to get info on upgrading DELL computer CPU's as the manufacturers usually don't offer information on which CPU's are compatible other than what they deem to be upgrades on their configurations page when purchasing.
OEM's like Dell also have OEM BIOS' which can be tailor made for their components and they can also dictate which CPU's are configurable in their laptops and desktops.


Thanks for the follow up.
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