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Broadcom NC373i Firmware Update

Last Modified: 2013-11-09
I recently used the file cp007846.exe to update the firmware on an HP BL460c blade. I am having trouble understanding the firmware types. Initially the NIC's had "Boot Code" and "iSCSI" firmware. When I clicked Apply all updates, step 2 would return an error stating that "A configuration error has occured on one or more adapters. The firmware will not be updated".
However, if I go to the install tab, the CLP firmware is listed. If I click install, the firmware for CLP installs correctly, but the CLP firmware overwrites the iSCSI firmware. After the install of the CLP firmware, I am unable to apply the backup firmware and revert to the iSCSI.
Now my questions... what do these different types of firmware(iSCSI and CLP) do? What effects, positive or negative, could the changes have on my system? Should I stick with the CLP or try to revert to the iSCSI somehow?
Thanks in advance,
Danny Beutler
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Unless you're intending to use the interfaces for iSCSI, the CLP would be just fine. iSCSI interfaces refer, usually, to TCP offloads to some level. This is effective when it comes to iSCSI transport due to the algorithms anticipating the type of transport and the size of packets, however, for normal LAN, it has no advantage, and on some cases can slow you down.


Why are their two firmware listed?  If I wanted to, how would I revert back to the iSCSI firmware?  I know it is not recommended, but if I have a network with both iSCSI traffic and normal network traffic, which firmware would be better?

I think that the non-iSCSI firmware would be more adequate, however, this is mostly a guess, and this is getting beyond my knowledge limitation. Sorry.
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