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Need help with recursive code

matthew016 asked
Last Modified: 2008-02-07
I need some help with my code :
In my application, each user has a set of groups.
For now on, I can retrieve the groups of a user.
The problem, is that each group can also have a set of groups.
And the groups and the users are in the same table.
So I think I need something recursive ...
I need help with this.

Version which simply returns the direct groups of a user.

getGroups( objectId ) {

   Sql database : get the object

   Retrieve the groups of the object

   Return the groups


But need to have the indirect groups :

getGroups( objectId ) {

   Sql database : get the object

   Retrieve the groups of the object

   For each group : call getGroups again ?

   return ... ?


Code in Java which returns the groups a user :

public List getMemberGroups(IInfoStore iStore, int objectID) throws RetrieveGroupsException {
      List groups = new ArrayList();

      IInfoObjects usersAllProp =
            iStore.query("Select TOP 1* From CI_SYSTEMOBJECTS WHERE SI_ID=" + objectID);
      if (usersAllProp.size() == 0)
            return groups;
      else {
            IInfoObject userAllProp = (IInfoObject) usersAllProp.get(0);
            // Check that the object has the correct ProgID.
            String uProgID =
                  (String) userAllProp
            if (uProgID.equals(CeProgID.USER)) {
                  Object[] memberGroups = ((IUser) userAllProp).getGroups().toArray();
                  for (int j = 0; j < memberGroups.length; j++) {
                        Group group = new Group();
                        IInfoObjects result =
                              "SELECT SI_NAME FROM "
                              + "CI_SYSTEMOBJECTS WHERE SI_ID="
                              + memberGroups[j]);
                        IInfoObject boGroup = (IInfoObject) result.get(0);

                        int groupID = boGroup.getID();
                        String groupTitle = boGroup.getTitle();
                        String groupDescr = boGroup.getDescription();

      return groups;
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Richard QuadlingSenior Software Developer

But, depending upon your DB, you may have recursive functionality built in. (I think MS SQL 2005 has this now - I'm still on SQL 2000)

Also, it __MAY__ be worth restructuring your DB to use a different mechanism of storage for "hierarchical" data ... http://dev.mysql.com/tech-resources/articles/hierarchical-data.html
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