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Windows 2003 Memory leaks

Last Modified: 2013-12-01
I'm getting a few memory leaks on my Win 2003 servers not all of them, but around 10% of them are freezing up with a Non-Paged pool errors after 3-4 days of uptime.
I'm not sure what's causing it yet but the problems appeared to start after I upgraded Trend Office Scan from version 7 to 8.
All the servers are HP Proliant of various G series with the latest PSP 7.8 installed.
They are running Windows 2003 RC2 with SP2 installed and all the latest patches on.
I'm using Symantec BackupExec 10d with Service Pack 3 to back the servers up overnight.
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In Task Manager's Processes tab, click View--> Select Columns.  Add "Non-Paged Pool" to the list and sort by it.  The application that rises to the top is your culprit.  

As far as why, I can't say for sure... not enough information.  Please post back which processes are hogging the Non-Paged Pool.  I can say that the Non-Paged Pool is an area of RAM reserved for processes that are not able to be paged.  When there is no space left to allocate to processes requiring Non-Paged Pool RAM, that's when you get the errors.  What else is running on these machines?  


Lsass.exe is at the top with 108,972k being using which is Local Security Authority Subsystem Service
but this is a domain controller so i'm not sure if this is normal.

There are known memory leaks w/ lsass.exe.  Has anything in your configuration (server or AD) recently changed?   I would check the following articles & google for more info.


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Process Explorer for Windows v10.21

Double click lsass.exe. Then Select the Threads tab, and see what .exe or .dll is using the CPU, and then select it by double clicking it....and copying/pasting the call stack here.....


It looks like this is caused due to Trend Office Scan 8 having a problem.
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