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Norton Ghost 9.0 doesn't recognize file with .v2i extension, when it comes to restore it from PC-DOS environment!??

Diedon asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-02
I am tired of formating and installing WinXP and programs again and again. So I decided to back up my drives with Norton Ghost 9.0 and restore them when needed.

The problem is: backup drives have .v2i extension; I selected to test the drive C restore (where OS is located), and started the wizard which later warned to ri-initiate procedure by using CD. I did that, restarted the PC, and followed the procedure. However, when I came to RESTORE from Image (in PC-DOS environment) I selected appropriate drive, and when I selected files with .v2i extension it didn't recognize and said that files are inappropriate. In extension drop down list are listed .GHO, .IMG, and others but not v2i.

What is going on? How can I restore the drive, how to make this thing function?
Can I backup drives with other extension or use some other procedure!?

Thanks in advance.
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From your description, it appears that you booted from a CD, but didn't run Ghost 9, but started Ghost 2003.  .GHO is the extension for a Ghost 2003 backup-image-file.

You should:  
Boot from the Ghost 9 install CD (sometimes called the emergency recovery CD)
Make sure Ghost 9 program is loaded and run it to restore.

Where are your Ghost 9 backups stored?  If on an external USB2 drive, be aware that when booting from the CD, sometimes the drive letters presented are different than you have under XP, just look for the correct volume name and folder names where stored.
Make sure you are following the procedure starting on page 65 of the Ghost 9 manual:


I have two disks and partitioned in four drives. I have backed up C in drive F, and now were trying to restore C from that drive from Recovery Environment.

In addition I have installed SystemWorks Permier... and yes I noticed that when I boot from CD it doesnt say Norton Ghost 9.0 but 2003.

Is it possible to create or download somewhere the software which is used as emergency Recovery CD?

What does it say on the front of your cd?  It should be a yellow/silver cd label with "Norton Ghost 9.0" printed on it.

I believe that when you Ghost 9.0 came out, it also included a Symantec Cd with label "Ghost 2003" printed on it.  That was for compatibility with older version (2003) of Ghost.

If you don't have the Ghost 9 CD, you should be able to contact customer services at Symantec and get a replacement.  Alternatively you could look on eBay because since Ghost 9 is so old now, you could probably buy it fairly reasonably.

One final thought:  Was Ghost 9 included with SystemWorks Premiere?  If so, try booting from the SystemWorks Premiere CD, and see if there is a menu-selection for Ghost 9.  I can't remember if Ghost 9 came with that or not.


Ghost 9.0  is included in SystemWorks Premier... that is how I made a backup image.. by clicking Norton Ghost 9.0 and then BackUP. However, after I insert the SystemWorks CD, there appear the option 2) Norton Ghost 9.0. in PC-DOS environment (other two options are antivirus stuff).

However after I select option 2, the next screen that opens I noticed in title bar window Norton Ghost .... - 2003. and of course after I follow the procedure and try to restore from image it does not recognise .v2i only other extensions!!

Nevertheless, now I'm wondering if I can create somekind of bootable Ghost 9.0 CD by downloading some software from internet!

This stuff seems foolish, you use to backup Ghost 9.0 than you cannot restore it... probably there is some error.

Did you boot from the SystemWorks CD?  Or insert it from within Windows XP?  

You should insert the cd while you're running XP, but click cancel if it tries to start it.
Shut Down
Reboot (may require F12 or other option to boot from cd)
boot from cd
Choose Ghost 9 option.  (if there is an option to "restore from legacy image...", DON'T select that one.  That is the Ghost 2003 one)

I agree it is kind of confusing.  I always purchased Ghost 9 (10, and 12) separately.  I've read of strange things when it is packaged with SystemWorks Premiere.


Yes everything is OK regarding restart and booting from SystemWorks CD... as I mentioned earlier, I proceed with PC-DOS after choosing option 2) Norton Ghost 9.0...


Sorry for miscommunicating... in fact after I boot System works CD the option two is 2) Norton Ghost 2003 !!!!!!!!!!!

Although SystemWorks Premier has Ghost 9.0 and NOT 2003... from which one I have backed up the drives.. ????
You can try Symantec Customer Support, for Europe:


I have personally used Ghost 9, 10, 12 and Ghost 2003.  I don't understand how your SystemWorks Premiere installed Ghost 9 software but it is not on the recovery CD.  I don't suppose there is some option in SystemWorks to create a recovery cd?

If customer support can't help you, then look on eBay.  Ghost 9, or 10, or 12 would restore your .v2i file.

I'll keep looking for your for some other solution also.
>> I proceed with PC-DOS after choosing option 2)

When I boot from my Ghost 9 cd, I don't get a pc-dos option.  It is a Windows pre-install invironment and Ghost 9 program starts.
I forgot to ask, which version of SystemWork Premiere?


How to obtain a replacement CD and manual
Before you installed SystemWorks Premiere, did you have any other imaging software?  Such as Drive Image?  Drive Image 6 and Drive Image 7 are the precursors to Ghost 9, and created images as .v2i.


No I just have formated my PC and installed just SystemWorks Premiere... the only backup image I have used is Ghost 9.0 which one is integrated within.

It seems like in boot up.. when restarting PC the only option is Norton Ghost 2003, there is no Ghost 9.0.

It looks like there is no dirty fix solution.

Which version do you have?

Norton SystemWorks 2004 Professional

Norton SystemWorks 2005 Premiere

Norton SystemWorks 2006 Premiere

Have you tried Norton's free livechat?  If not, here is the link:


It is SystemWorks 2005.

Regadless the outcome, I just want to thank you for friendly and continuous support.

Ok.  Thanks for the comments.  It should work and you should be able to boot from the SystemWorks CD to restore.  (The only reason the Ghost 2003 CD was also included was for support for Windows 98 and Windows Me.)

At this point I can't think of anything else except trying the free online chat support from Symantec.
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