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We have purchase ERP System and the reporting runs on Actuate Reporting.  I am not able to find any site or books for us to learn how to use Actuate and create reports.  Need help if any one can recommend sites and books and easy way of learing.
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I have been using actuat for a little while too.

I have found the best support comes from the manulas provided with the software and the help desk contact.

I have searched for some books but have had little luck.

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If you have purchased and installed the ERD Pro, you will have the Actuate manuals in PDF on the CD.

Hard copies of manuals can be purchased directly from Actuate, take a look at the Actuate Resources page

For Actuate 8
    8SP1 ERD PRO Mini Doc Pack (item # 050620-2-130302)

For Actuate 9
    Developing Actuate Basic Reports using Actuate e.Report Designer Professional (item # 061215-2-130301)

Example reports will be installed in a sub directory, for example  :
     C:\Program Files\Actuate8\eRDPro\Examples

Join the Actuate forums, they are a very good resource :

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There is a really helpful Actuate forum available at if any one is still interested.
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