Exchange stops synchronizing

I have a HTC3300 PDA-phone with internet. It is running on WindowsMobile5.
To be able to automatically receive email on my device I first needed an Exchange server. This I found with
I installed exchange on my mobile in ActiveSync, using their download and info. And it worked.
But after about two weeks it stopped.
The hepldesk could not help me, my settings were correct. I deleted Exchange again en reinstalled, but to no avail.
ActiveSync gives the following errror message trying to sync: Code: 0x8503001C

The settings:
Server Name: (SSL-connexion is on)
ActiveSync Username: ***Your Exchange Email Address***
Password: ***Your Password*** (password is saved)
Domain: ad2

I am not sure if this is the same problem, but since about the same time I cannot activate e-mail or SMS anymore on my device. I can find the mail icon, but it doesn't activate.

How to get the push mail working again?
How to activate the mail program in the PDA again?
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George SasIT EngineerCommented:
Have you tried to FLUSH the device ? Not just reset , but a cold reset where the device is re-initialised ?
Do that first and see if it helps.
Then if it still fails after that , try to synchronize only e-mail without contacts , or only one item at the time and see when it fails.
I would also try to login into the exchange via the webmail and check the mailbox and se if there are not some problems there.
diegoposAuthor Commented:
A FLUSH or cold reset, that is the same as a hard reset?
But that means losing all installed programs?
That would not be my first option, I installed and finetuned several programs.

As it is now, the PDA doesn't sync at all, also not just a single item.

On the server side I checked out my mail through the webmail and looked at the settings. Their helpdesk could not find anything.

I don't understand how there can be a link between activeSync not syncing with the exchange server and the email option of the PDA not starting anymore? Those are two different things, isn't it?
George SasIT EngineerCommented:
Yeah , that sounds indeed strange but I did seen some even stranger problems with ActiveSync.
My best ideea is to make a backup of your things on a flash card and make a hard reset so you can start from scratch , only this way you can determine if the problem is on your device or not.
But if active sync does not wanna start then I guess the issue is with your device.
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diegoposAuthor Commented:
OK, I made a hard reset and I installed the exchange server again.
At this point both  my email is fuctioning againd and the syncing by Activesync.
But all my other programs and tuning have to be done again.

So, now I know the PDA in itself is OK.

1. Is there a way to get it working again without loosing everything?
2. Or is it possible to restore programs and settings from of a backup without doing a full restore?
George SasIT EngineerCommented:
You should only have made a hard reset on your PDA and not re-install exchange .. gives only headaches.
About tuning and restore depends on what programs are you talking about.
What did went lost by re-installing exchange ?

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diegoposAuthor Commented:
You suggest to leave Exchane alone and not use push mail?

As a new user I installed many things: a better note program, music player, video player, GPS program, keybaord, gpraphics viewer, Switch, a better dialer, ringtones..... a lot.

But if you advise to start from scratch, that might be the thing to do.
George SasIT EngineerCommented:
Ah , you are talking about the PDA ... I thought you were talkinga bout exchange server when you said you lost some programms.
You can try to make a restore on the PDA and see if it works. If not then you found the culprit.
diegoposAuthor Commented:
After the hard reset I have the mail and exchange running again and I decided to back this up as my basis system and to start installing the other programs again.
Our WM5 devices stopped synchronizing with Exchange 2003 SP2 EAS with error 0x8503001c on device".
There was a HTML-mail in inbox which created the problem. Outlook has got no problem to display this message. MS-Support got the "special" email from us to reproduce the error in their test lab. MS synchonized the mail in every test scenario successfully.

We did further tests and identified the problem:
The reason was a used encryption software "Safeguard PDA from UTIMACO". The product version 4.11 causes the problem with the "corrupted" HTML-mail. After setting up a device with latest UTIMACO version 4.25, the problem didn't occur anymore during synchroniztion. The fly in the ointment is, that we don't know the actual occation why the problem only occurs with this special HTML-mail, because other HTML-mails caused no problem.
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