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Backup Solution

bsj1170 asked
I have a Dell Server running SBS 2003.  I am running a 15 machine Win XP network and I am looking for a backup solution.  I also need to be able to take the backup off site.  I have in the server already a DAT 72 tape drive that went bad because of the conditions that the server is in and I worry if I replace that it will go bad again.  I am using the Grandfather, father, son tape method now and I need to be able to do daily, weekly and monthly backups and archive them.  Is there another solution that I am not thinking of here or do I have to stay with the tapes?   I do not want to use on-line backup I do not trust this.  Any suggestions???
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LTO 3 tape and tape library is probably the most efficient/cost effective solution.

On line is good, but you should still have tapes even with on line.  
Depending on the amount of data you are backing up, I would suggest using a USB hard drive or a Buffalo NAS device.  Benefits are fast backups, you can take the drives with you and if you have two of them you could keep one in the a safe deposit at a bank.
I don't recommend NAS devices as I have had SLOW experiences with this storage technology...
Stephen MandersonSoftware Engineer

Nas boxes can be fast depending upon the speed of their interface for instance if your running a gigabit switch with a gigabit nas such as the buffalo it can be great for full backups. But regardless still best to use tapes for incremental/differential daily backups which of corse dont have to be as large due to the full backups being done by the NAS so LTO 2 would suit perfectly.

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I would suggest you read over my comment on backup - started here as a comment and grew so long and in-depth, I turned it into a web page.
I have used external removable USB2 hard drives with SBS and it is a very cost effective option.  Iomega sells a line that offers a 250GB drive for roughly $100.  Six of them is a good start and less that a new DAT-72 drive and tapes.  If a DAT-72 drive is working for you, this would be a good answer because it is a sealed unit and less sesitive to bad environment.

Just looked at the iomega site and they have dropped the 250GB drive, smallest available now is 320GB for $114.

Stephen MandersonSoftware Engineer

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