Need to determine daily mailflow from our Exchange servers.

I need to determine how much mail is sent externally from our mail server, and how much mail from the outside world is incoming on a daily basis in the form of a byte count.  We have two exchange servers, one is Exchange 2K and the other is Exchange 2K7.  Please advise.  Many thanks.
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Message tracking will give you the raw information.
You will then need something to process the logs.
Quest Message Stats is far and away the best, but it is rather expensive.
You could also look at Promodag, Mail Detective or if you have Access skills do your own thing. Promodag have a tool to do the conversion for you:

You can contact Microsoft and request a tool called MTLedit. This tool will interrogate the tracking logs and create an excel spreadsheet with detailed information from the tracking log. It will only examine one log file at a time.

The results you get back are as follows (just a summary)

Assume you examine yesterdays tracking log you will get.
Amount of email in and out in bar graph format either every hour or every 20minutes depends how you want to look at it.
Number of emails in number format either every hour or every 20minutes.
Total number of emails sent received.
Biggest senders/receivers of emails.
Large email senders in size.
It will go into detail on any sender and give a total email count, in and out. Size of each email and recipient name etc.

It also give you much more information as well. Hope this helps.


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I think you mean MTL-Analyzer ?
It is a bit basic, and trying to get it out MS Support can be difficult.

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 I mean "MTLedit".  I used it yesterday to do some analysis on my Trackinglogs. I have never used  MTL-Analyzer.

MTLedit may be a more recent update to MTL-Analyzer or a completely new program. Not sure.
I received it from MS Support earlier this month as I had concerns about my transactions logs and need to examine the tracking logs for heavy email users.

Must be something new. I have asked someone who will know. Perhaps it is an Exchange 2007 version.

Maybe it is designed for 2007,  but it works perfectly with E2K3. I received it because we have partnership agreement with MS. Not sure how difficult it is for non partners to obtain it.

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