MSExchangeFBPublish Event 8207 Error 0x80004005

We are getting the following error in the Application event log of an Exchange 2007 server.

Event Type:        Error
Event Source:     MSExchangeFBPublish
Event Category: General
Event ID:            8207
User:                  N/A
Computer:          OURCOMPUTER

(Occurs once every hours or so)

Error updating public folder with free-busy information on virtual machine OURCOMPUTER. The error number is 0x80004005.

Please note that we have looked at these article, but it applies to older versions of Exchange 2000/2003:;en-us;Q327336;en-us;284200

But as the way Free/busy is done in exchange 2007 has changed dramatically, they don't seem applicable for our situation.

Also, despite the error message, we are not running a virtual machine on this server.

Any ideas?  Thanks
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Did you upgrade all the lists when you transistioned to Exchange 2007?
mrichmonAuthor Commented:
All which lists?  How would I check (another admin did part of the migration)
mrichmonAuthor Commented:
Oh also, the error just started occuring Sept 4th once an hour, but the migration to Exchange 2007 was mid August.
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i had the same problem.  i resolved it by doing the following:

1. Reset the System Folders.  use this
2. open EMC.  Navigate to "Organization Configuration" -> "Mailbox"
3. Click "Offline Address Book" and delete the "Default Offline Address Book"
4. recreate "Default Offline Address Book" (same name)
5. Navigate to "Server Configuration" -> "Mailbox"
6. goto "Database Management" section.  under "First Storage Group", right-click "Mailbox Database" goto "Properties"
7. Select "Client Settings" and browse for the new Offline address book.

I reset the System Folders and a few days later I notice the error was still there.  So I then recreate the Offline Address Book.  A couple of days later the error went away.  I rebooted several times, but it still took a couple of days.
mrichmonAuthor Commented:
Is there a way to back the current one up first in case this does not work?
This link describes exactly what you need.  Easy fix for 2007; involves a single command, without having to 'reset' the system folders.  I would always make a backup before making big changes to exchange, but this one is fairly fool proof.

"This problem occurs because the following components were not replicated to the computer that is running Exchange 2007 before the Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange 2000 Server computers were decommissioned:
"      The "Schedule+ Free/Busy" system folder on the servers that were running Exchange Server 2003
"      The Exchange 2000 Server Administrative Group"

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mrichmonAuthor Commented:
I am not sure that article applies.  We only have one symptom - the event log entry - not the rest.  Also the event log is not on the user machines it is on the server.  The article says this event will be in the Application log of the machines of users who were migrated and not on new users - none of our users have this error.

But I will try it anyway and see what happens.
The 8207 will be on the Exchange server in your scenario.   The article is a bit ambiguous on where the event will be logged, but it does not say that it will specifically be on the client.

This worked on a few of my clients that forgot to migrate the system folders.
8207 on the Exchange Server.
On Client, running outlook /cleanfreebusy, pop up "unable to clean your freebusy information"
mrichmonAuthor Commented:
Yes but we don't see this:
On Client, running outlook /cleanfreebusy, pop up "unable to clean your freebusy information"

In any case I have tried it and will see if that clears the error from the logs...
mrichmonAuthor Commented:
Well it seems to have fixed it.  Thanks a bunch - I would not have thought to try that article based on the other symptoms- but it seems to have done the trick.
Can anybody get the article content. I am not able to open that page

mrichmonAuthor Commented:
Still opens fine for me...
Ubuntop's KB link worked for our situation. Many thanks!
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