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MAS90 Over a VPN to Print to Local Printer

I have a client running MAS90 3.2.  They have users that dial in via VPN to the network and access the MAS90 Database.  I am in no way a MAS90 guy but my question is they want to be able to print from MAS90 from other printers outside of the main office.

When I go into File>Preferences>Printer Prefs I see the printers loaded for that computer.
When I go to File>Preferences>Character Prefs I see the option for Printer but it only has 2 letters.  What is that?

Is there a way to get MAS90 to print to a local pc computer?

Thanks for your help
Neadom Tucker
Neadom Tucker
1 Solution
The Preferences option under the File menu is workstation specific for each MAS90 client. The 2-letter codes on the Character Prefs tab are: LP (Local Printer), PW (Windows Default Printer), and PR (Print to file). Selecting LP or PW will make the Local Printer or the Windows Default Printer the default for all reports and forms.
MAS90 version 3.20 was never supported over a VPN or any type of remote networking. At that version, the client/server version of MAS90 was required for remote access, and even that was real iffy, especially in terms of performance and remote printing. In theory, selecting LP or PW as the default option in Preferences should allow you to print to the computer's local printer from MAS90; however, whether MAS90 is reading the preferences correctly over the VPN connection is doubtful.
I'd love to be able to give you more information, but Sage Software dropped support on version 3.2 at the turn of the century; I don't have access to any documentation on that version.

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