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I would like to purchase a Cisco Aironet 1232AG access point.  The question I have is regarding the antennas.  The antenna options I have are either a Cisco 6.5 dbi Diversity patch antenna or Cisco Aironet patch antenna.  

Can someone please explain the difference, and do I have to have two antennas or can I get away with one?

Thanks for your help!

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For the 2.4Ghz antenna you need Cisco Part number Air-ANT4941 and for the 5Ghz antenna, you need Cisco part number Air-ANT5135D-R which is a 3.5dBi antenna. You will need a quatity of 2 for each set.

I am not sure I can do that without the part numbers. What I can tell you is that you need 2 antenna for the 5GHz range and 2 for the 2.4GHz..Total = 4. A lot of my colleagues went straight to the trap and only ordered 2.

I hope this helps.
Actually you will only need to antenna's total instead on 2 sets each. The 2.4 Ghz can be used for the 802.11b and g standard; and the 5ghz can be used for the A standard. The cisco 1242ag comes with a total of 4 antenna.

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