Obsure AT&T Yahoo Browser email typing issue

Posted on 2007-09-27
Last Modified: 2008-05-04
Have a client running the latest AT&T Yahoo Browser and logging in to their Yahoo Mail account to send/receive email. When they type anything in the message body window, the typing is super sluggish....takes 5-10 seconds for text to show up and makes it impossible to type emails with the delay. If I use Internet Explorer instead, the Yahoo Mail message body typing is normal. They don't have much on the PC and they run Webroot Spy Sweeper + Antivirus which has given the computer a clean bill-of-health (no spyware, no virus). I installed the AT&T Yahoo Browser on my laptop and logged them in to type messages on my laptop and there was no delay in the typing.

So there is something specific to their computer, some interaction with something on their machine, that is causing this delay. AT&T had no ideas or suggestions for them when they called for support. Has anyone come across this before? They love the AT&T Yahoo Browser (not sure why) and don't want to use IE or Firefox.

Thanks in advance!
Question by:ctsmequon
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    Greetings ctsmequon !

    The problem could be Spysweeper or your antivirus.  Spysweeper takes lots of resources.  Disble Spysweeper and antivirus from running in the background, one at a time to see which is the culprit.

    Hope this helps, war1
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    You could also check your Memory? How much is installed?

    You could also Download and run Process Explorer to view what is using your Processes.
    Chances are the AV of Spysweeper is checking every thing you are doing on the heavy Yahoo email pages.  Also, I do know those yahoo pages have a LOT of images and code running which could be slowing down your typing and resources, especially if it is trying to index everything you do on it's pages.
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    Also, Yahoo is starting to roll their Beta email OUT of Beta so it may be their servers issue.  Confirm whether he has Beta or version 1, by looking under the Yahoo! Mail image. If still in Beta, it will still say Beta.  If it doesn't say Beta and he's not using the Classic view, then it  might be a broken script from Yahoo. Clear Cache.

    Also, add-ons, in particular no-script or ad-blocker could be interfering so have them start Firefox in it's Safe Mode which should disable all add-ons for a temporary test. It should be in the Start->All Programs->Mozilla Firefox->Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)

    IE7 add-ons     * the IE Developer Toolbar
        * the IE Developer Toolbar BHO
    have also been known to cause issues with Yahoo.

    Am looking into more issues.
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    As you describe the condition, I think you will find this is a problem with the ATT browser.  After all, they have no idea how to write a browser.  It could be having problems with the firewall on your system, it could be having problems with some resident programs, like virus protection, and it could be just defective.  If they want to live with it, then good luck to them.
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    It looks to me like yahoo is excelling again at what it does best...SCREWING UP!

    Reading these threads, it appears that the problem is a recurring one that many people are experiencing.
    And you can find PLENTY more gripes about similar issues in the above forum threads
    Yahoo Email locks up?
    It's not just "Beta" it's classic too. Every day I have to go to the task manager and get out of IE. It only has happened so far on IE not Firefox. I've read all the similar posts, seems to be a major problem affecting lots of people. It affects: XP, Vista, IE6, IE7, Netscape and more, is Yahoo doing anything about this?
    Additional Details
    2 weeks ago
    I know about cache etc... and slow connections, but Yahoo seems to be the only site on the web that locks up IE. I mean when I click the "Close" "X" (upper right), I get the "Bonk" noise like ..."you can't do that"... now if Yahoo is the only site doing that, I have DSL Broadband, then either there is something wrong with their servers or the script on their pages.
    Ive tried the new Mail twice, and it was awful for me. Clearly Im in the minority here, but it slowed down my computer completely and was painfully slow even just within mail, along with constantly getting hung up on various functions or rollovers. And it looks like some 1990s Microsoft product. iPhone it aint.
    Comment by john  September 5, 2007 #

    I could not be more disappointed with the new mail I have tried and gone back several times just to see if they fix problems. Just like others, spam even with filters does little good. My connection speed is 10megs yet when I try new mail it loads slow and page layout is no good. It would be nice that all the effort to build hype was being used to really provide a quality product that works!
    Comment by oakscrty  September 5, 2007

    Tried it twice and in two states on two computers, and using dial up just doesnt cut it. There is way too much automatic stuff that doesnt work with the speed of earlier Mail. It is like Microsoft programs that has just too much stuff and slows down the computer. Wish we could check and choose what we actually need.
    Comment by de la Motte  September 5, 2007

    I hate the new mail! I cannot even open my inbox because it just continues to say it is opening my inbox. It said it would be easy to switch back to the old mail, yet I cannot find a spot to do it. I am very angry because I cant even view my mail anymore. I like the old way much better!
    Comment by Michele  September 5, 2007 #

    I tried the new Yahoo mail and didnt like it. I only have access to the internet via dial-up only. Satelite is available but too expensive. I switched back to the old version because it just took too long for my mail to load on the screen using the newest version. Same goes for the new personal webpage too.
    Comment by Dpnna  September 5, 2007

    My main complaint about the new mail, and this prevents me from using it, is that it takes FOREVER to scroll down the list of folders (I have almost 200) to move a message to the desired folder.
    You should be able to either have a scroll bar or be able to type the first (more would be better) letter of the folder.
    As it is, I will stick with the old mail.
    Comment by mjc  September 5, 2007
    Stoyan writes
    "Steve Souders, performance architect at Yahoo, announced today the public release of YSlow  a Firefox extension that adds a new panel to Firebug and reports page's performance score in addition to other performance-related features. Here is a review plus helpful tips how to make the scoring system match your needs.

    Yahoo email users group posts re: slow yahoo mail
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    ctsmequon, any update?
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    No luck so far. Ran the browser without Spy Sweeper (with Antivirus). Computer has 1GB RAM. Will likely tell them "sorry" you'll have to use something other than the Yahoo Browser.

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