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I have a client who purchased a new computer running Vista Business.  They had all their data transfered, including their email.  They were using Outlook Express and of course it was imported to Windows Mail.  THey know discovered that there are incombatibilities with some of their hardware (printer) and Vista, and gone back to Windows XP Pro.  Is there anyway of getting theit email messages/address from Windows Mail back to outlook express?
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From this page:

Moving Windows Mail into Outlook Express
by Kaezio - 9/14/07 6:35 AM
In reply to: Migrate exported Windows Mail messages into Outlook Express by Zussman
I worked out an easy solution to transferring Vista Windows Mail to Outlook Express:
1. On the Vista computer, create a New Folder on the Desktop.
2. Open Windows Mail and position the window and New Folder so that you can see both.
3. Select the e-mail messages you want to go to Outlook Express, and drag them to the New Folder.
4. Put the new Folder onto removable media.
5. Attach the removable media to the XP computer.
6. Open Outlook Express and position the window and New Folder so that you can see both.
7. Open the New Folder and Select All.
8. Drag the selected messages into the list of messages for the Inbox or desired folder in Outlook Express (just make sure that the target folder is open.
9. Delete the New Folder from both computers and the removable media.

ramalarmsAuthor Commented:
Thanks...I will certainly give that a try.  
ramalarmsAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the solution.  Worked perfeclty.
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