Backup & Restore IIS Websites


I have two servers running IIS and each one has a website running on it.

I want to be able to back up the whole website on each of these servers and restore BOTH of them on another, third, server running IIS. They are all the same level of Windows Server 2003 and IIS.

Is there a way this can be done, better still an automated way to copy the sites?


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Dave_DietzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go into Help from the IIS Management Console and search on iiscnfg.  This script will allow you to copy sites from one server to another, back up sites (or the whole metabase) for use on another server and much more.

As far as the actual site content try using RoboCopy or a similar utility.  :-)

Dave Dietz
BoltonWandererAuthor Commented:
Hi  Dave - been away - I will be trying this on Monday - if successful then I will let you know.

BoltonWandererAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dave - sorted eventally.
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