OK, i purchased a HP Pavilion a1610n running MS XP Media centre edition last Xmas. Since then, i have had the Unmountable_boot_volume error 4 times. i resolved it all four times by formatting my drive and re-installling Xp using the recovery partition /cry :( . I had to do this because HP dosent give u a WinXP install CD so i couldnt do the chkdsk and fixboot and all that. to add to my problem, it didnt come with a flopy drive either... This time, i was ready. i had gotten a win Xp Home setup disk and did chkdsk /p, chkdsk /r, fixboot, and fixmbr. i was almost certain taht this would work but....it didnt. So i dint think taht my drive is damaged because a re-format would fix it and give me about 2 monts till this happened again.

Any suggestions? I dont want to reformat again.
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FeMasterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds to me like your hard drive is on it's way out.  Unmountable Boot Volume usually happens when critical portions of the hard drive can't be read.  This almost always happens because of bad sectors on a hard drive.  While I'm not too sure what the policy is on "advertising" here, one of the greatest tools I have found for such problems, and ALMOST ALWAYS ( probably 90% of the time) gets the drive up and functioning again after such an error, is a program called "SpinRite".  I won't post a link to the site that sells it, but to a Google search for it (make sure you spell it right), and it's the first site in the list...

SpinRite doesn't actually fix your drive, what it does is forces the drive to check EVERY sector, one by one, and has the drive remap any sectors that come up bad to one of the many "spares" that are on each hard drive.  SpinRite also does it's best to recover any data that it can in any of the sectors that are bad, and moves it to the remapped sector.  Because of what it does, and depending on the size of the drive, it can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple days.  The worse-off your drive is, the longer it will take.

Hopefully this was helpful to you, and good luck!
roflmaster212Author Commented:
Thanks, i'll take a look at that program.
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