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Last Modified: 2008-01-09
How can CXML be relevant and used in developing .NET Web Service using VS2005? Thanks.
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CXML is a standard that defines a schema for business transactions. A lot of B2B business use CXML for interoperability between their heterogeneous systems.

If you wanted to build a web service for the same you will have to design the WSDL of your web service requests and responses based on these schema definitions. There is a schema definition for each business entity like Order, Receipt, Add User, Buyer , Supplier Location, UnitPrice etc


On the code level, we wil have the below?
How can that be done with VS2005 and SQLServer? How does a schema come out?
Bottomline is,  the webservice you are making generates a XML request or gets a XML response, these xml requests and response should conform to the XSD definition of the CXML entity.

You should be able to achieve <cxml></cxml> enclosures using SOAP headers to your webmethod, soap headers can be used to manipulate the generated XML to have a CXML envelope.

I havent personally done this but i am sure you should be able to achive what you want using SOAP headers.


How can said CXML validation be enforced by .NET 2?
yes in my theoritical opinion, one should be able to validate a request/ response against a CXML DTD/ Schema definition using .net 1.1 or .net 2.0 web services + SOAP headers


Now this question:
Say soapheader is used to start a WS. It contains userid and password. How can the userid and password be stored securely and passed to the host, not as visible string parameters? Thanks.
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