Adding a disclaimer as an attachment to outgoing mails

I have a client who has asked me to add a disclaimer to each email as a text attachment.

We are already running Symantec Mail Security for Exchange 6.0, so if possible I am looking for a solution that is not a mail scanning/security package.

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I looked at exclaimer and it has an option to include disclaimers as a text attachment. I would assume that others can do it too

here is what they say

Exclaimer Mail Utilities can apply formatting to your disclaimers and signatures, such as font type, size, color, bold and underlined. In addition, you can include pictures and tables. For HTML disclaimers, you can edit the HTML source, giving you the freedom to format your disclaimers as you wish. It will add formatting for rich text and HTML mails. Exclaimer Mail Utilities also includes the option to add a disclaimer as a plain text attachment.
arrowtechAuthor Commented:
Sorry - brain explosion, I probably should have mentioned that we are running Exchange 2003 SP2 on SBS 2003........

take a look at

it has most  options available to you listed
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arrowtechAuthor Commented:
That doesn't specify how we would do it as an attachment though....
We use a mail disclaimer program from softtalk which has this ability although you may want to take legal advice over the validity of adding a disclaimer as an attachment... it's generally accepted that putting the disclaimer at the end of the email is not valid (because you have read the email before you see the terms and conditions of reading the emails - kinda like those EULAs which were in sealed packs and opening the pack was supposed to mean you agreed to the EULA).
Thank you
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