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Dear all,

I have a rather large problem - due to a legal matter i have been asked to restore a load of Lotus Notes/Domino data from back in 2002, the trouble is that the original backup server is no longer in existance, the original notes server is not in existance but all the backups were done using various versions of Brightstor and its Domino Agent.

I have been on the CA website and can find nothing - im hoping someone has had this issue - but i need a way of getting that data from those tapes - according to the CA website you can only restore notes data that was backed up using the Domino agent to the original server - surley there is another way.......


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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
DO you happen to have a backup of the Domino server that you can recreate ?

Worst case, all you would need is the Server ID file, and the names.nsf from the server or a replica from another machine.
Install the trial version of Domino and start restoring.

I hope this helps !
matt_beattAuthor Commented:
In the end i spoke with CA and they claimed using the latest version of the software would resolve this issue which it didnt.
It shoudl have backed up a combination of fulls and incrementals, or possibly just fulls.  Incrementals can only be restored to the same server, but fulls should be able to be restored anywhere.
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My bad, I forgot, Arcerve sucks on this. Unless you can recreate that server, you're toast.
No delete.  The correct answer is "you can't do that without rebuilding your server," and that is the answer that was suggested by SysExpert as the "worst case."
matt_beattAuthor Commented:
Well i reckon you should refund my points - no answer was provided to my question
Please follow the instructions inside the Link I posted above to close the Q.

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As I commented before, there was a correct answer given.  EE explicitly states that when a problem has no workable solution, it is acceptable as an expert answer to say that there is no solution.

SysExpert provided a two part answer:

1) How to solve the problem with a large amount of effort, assuming the asker has access to cerain facilities
2) That without #1, the problem cannot be solved

So, #1 is a legitimate answer, and SysExpert gave it

If #1 doesn;t work then "impossible" is a valid answer, and SysExpert gave it.
That would be incorrect. SysExpert has provided the answer, which is that either some specific server rebuild steps need to be taken, or, if t hat is not possible, that the request is impossible.

Please award SysExpert this solution.
Forced accept.

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