How do I disable WINXP's wireless utility so I can use the better Intel PRO/Wireless one?

This error comes up because WINXP's wireless manager is running at the same time as the Intel/PRO version:

Another wireless network utility is communicating with the Intel PRO/Wireless adapter. To avoid conflicts, Intel's profile management features have been temporarily disabled.

There is no way to disable the WinXP manager - the checkbox doesn't work. And the XP manager is much worse than the Intel/PRO. How do I disable or uninstall the WINXP Manager?
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The easiest way to get there is to right clcik on "My computer" icon and choose "Manage"
The Services section is listed at the bottom left where it says Services and Applications
Click to expand it and then on the right you should see "Services"  Double click on that and then scroll down the list
Go to services and turn of the Windows Zero Configuration Utility
You will want to go in to the properties and disable it as well as stopping it for right now
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