Securing a .psd file with a password

How do I secure Photoshop psd files with a password?

When I share the file with another user, I would like them to  enter a password before the file is allowed to open.  The password would be static (always the same) for each unique psd file.

I checked the help section and found instructions for saving Photoshop PDF files, but not psd files.  

It seems like a fairly simple task but I can't seem to find a spot in photoshop to set a password.

Thanks in advance!  


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I only see Passwords on PDF's as an option I  don't believe you can put PW on PSD's - never seen it- no PW recovery tools for PSD either, but you can toss it in a ZIP file and put a password on that.
Photoshop files are not password protectable.  You can convert it to PDF, but that is a real problem, because you cannot convert the PDF back into the separate layers that the PSD format stores for photoshop editing.

To password protect the file, you would use WINRAR -- you take a single PSD file, and compress it using WINRAR -- at the time of compression, you can choose a password to UN-RAR the file.  This is the only way to do it.  You can also use winzip if you like, but WINRAR is much harder to crack the password protection.  See
i think the close solution is to zip/rar it.

then you can apply password protection before they can open it.
sai kiranCommented:
hello friends
this is the way to protecting the adobe photoshop files
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