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App to Convert PHP form submission to PDF and RTF or Equivalent

Hi Experts,

We are designing an application to take a PHP form submission with a fckeditor textarea and convert the HTML output to a PDF file and also a RTF file or similar.  

We need suggestions for an open source php class to convert the HTML output to PDF.  We also need to be able to set the page margins to various values.  Image support is a necessity.

After that, we need a package that can get the same output into a file type that MS Word can open natively.  Obviously, it doesn't have to be done with the same package...we can do this in two steps.

Feel free to ask questions if you need more information.  

Thanks in advance
Jason C. Levine
Jason C. Levine
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For the html to pdf, try this

as for converting html to word, this a little trickier,
Jason C. LevineNo oneAuthor Commented:
Hi RedKelvin,

Thanks for the links.  The DLL won't help me as I'm running a LAMP set up.  Solutions have to be PHP or (less preferrably) perl.

Would I be able to do something like go to PDF to Postscript or LaTeX, then convert to something else?  
hmmm, I would actually think that it would be more common to want to convert html to word, than the other methods.
I will repost if I can find something.

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