PHP - read directory of photos - loop code to display all

I have a directory in the "./images/" folder. Let's call it "2006".
The directory contains a lot of thumbnail photos. The directory will be updated for more photos in the future.

Let's say all of the files are called "photo_001_tn.jpg" (with the number changing for each pic)

I want a script to display all of the images in this folder with a link to the large pic for that thumbnail.
We will assume the larger version has the same name as the thumbnail, minus the "_tn" part.
So a large pic of the above thumbnail would be "photo_001.jpg".

I need the script to only display "jpg", "gif", and "png" files.
I need a variable at the top of the script so I can change this.

I want the script to end up displaying this HTML code.
(This is cut down just to explain the point. I will probably change this up a little.)

<a href="./images/2006/photo_001.jpg">
<img src="./images/2006/photo_001_tn.jpg" alt="Photo from 2006" hspace="2" vspace="2">

But...(important)... I would like it to do 4 pics on the first row, then move to another row.
Instead of just displaying them all together. I only have room for 4 per row.
And how would I make this changable, in case I need 3 per row, etc. Can there be a variable at the beginning of the script?

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$files = glob('{images/2006/*_tn.jpg,images/2006/*_tn.gif,images/2006/*_tn.png}',GLOB_BRACE);
$num_cols = 4;
$column = 1;

foreach($files AS $thumb)
      if($column == 1)
            echo "<tr>";
      $image = str_replace('_tn','',$thumb);
      echo "<td><a href=\"$image\"><img src=\"$thumb\" alt=\"Photo from 2006\" hspace=\"2\" vspace=\"2\"></a></td>";
      $column %= $num_cols;
           echo "</tr>";
for($column--; $column < $num_cols; $column++)
      echo "<td></td>";
echo "</tr>";
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