java plug in issue


There is a software Acconex which is used to upload files to ftp. it needs java plug in. i installed latest java plug in which was suggested by them and restarted the pc as well. Butt still when i try to upload files it fails to load java applet and comes back to the same error page which says requires java plug in. i uninstalled and reinstalled again . but no change.

can you suggest me what may be theproblem. and what to do next

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CEHJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>are you seeing any error on the java console?

>>in the console it says ..

If you're seeing the Java console at all then the plugin is most definitely installed. Please post the console output here
are you seeing any error on the java console?
abhidarshAuthor Commented:
in the console it says it says it attempts to load  and failed.
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