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iPhone & Gmail

I need to know the exact manner by which my iPhone will interface with Google Mail. Specifically, deletion of mail on my phone affects my gmail how, etc. Does deleting it on my phone affect my account, if so after any length of time? And so on, as much information as possible on the matter, please. I've taken to using the iPhone for work, so the answers to these questions interest me greatly.

I've seen threads which allude that it may be impossible to not cc's of the mail you send, but if anyone has suddenly come to the epiphany on the matter I would be grateful.
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Your iPhone will use pop3 to communicate with gmail.  When enabling pop access to your gmail account you can choose to either delete it from gmail when it is accessed with pop, leave it on gmail, or archive it.  Regardless of what you choose, whatever you do to the mail on your iphone won't be reflected on the server.  For example if you tell gmail to leave the mail in your inbox, then you delete the mail from your phone, it will still be in your gmail inbox.

Pop is great for having one computer just download new mail as it comes in - your typical home user set-up.  It completely stinks for more than one computer, or for PDAs/iPhones or any kind of corporate use.  imap is way better, but gmail doesn't support it because it takes a lot more server resources.

For instructions on setting up the iPhone see

iPhones really, really, really, really, really stink for business use.  Hopefully apple will wake up and allow either 3rd party applications to be installed, or provide a better email client (one that connects to exchange for more than just email would be nice!).  Right now they could care less about corporate users - the iphone is not intended for us.
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