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Connecting a domain laptop on a home network to connect a printer

Last Modified: 2008-01-09
I have a laptop the connects to my domain at work. The server is Windows 2003. I can connect to everything at work just fine but when I go home and connect to my workgroup network at home it will not let me connect to my printers located on my home office. The screen looks different than it does on my other home computers. When I add a printer it sees the computer but no printers are listed. Is there something else I need to be doing?

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How are these printers connected? If they are connected local to your "home pc" and if they are shared, you may need to authenticate from your domain laptop before you can access them.
I.e. open a command prompt and enter

net use * \\<home-pc>\c$ /user:<home-pc>\<home-user-name> <home-user-password>

Replace <home-pc>, <home-user-name> and <home-user-password> with your data.
after that you should be able to connect a printer from your home pc by entering the UNC path:


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The home network is called "workgroup" and the desktop that is connected to the printers is "Dell Desktop".  I don't have a password on the "Dell Desktop will I need to add one?

I use the net use command in the cmd window?

Will it look like this?
net use *\\Dell Desktop \c$ /steve:Dell Desktop \steve 123456

Do I put the \\<home-pc>\<printer-share> syntax in the add printer section on "connect to this printer"?


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You need to log in as a Locad Admin and then just share your printer.  Go to my Printers and Faxes
Click on Add a printer
Click next at "Welcome to the Add Printer Wizard
Click on A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer (Next)
And click on Browse for a printer (Next)
You should be able to see your printers and select from there


We tried it the way monimn said but the printers on the local network never showed up. We have to use net use to get the laptop to logon to the local network. All appears to be working now.
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