High 3com switch discards

I have 3 3com 4200 switches that had high discards around 40,000 receive discards.  I replaced one of them with a 4228 switch and the receive discards are still around 30,000 even for the switch i changed.  Thinking about this does this mean that my switches are just not good enough to handle our companies increasing data needs.  
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QBRadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One thing you may want to check, make sure each port is set to either 10 or 100 and then make sure the device plugged into that port is set to the same speed.  You should try to avoid using auto as that has a tendancy to cause issues like this.
What does you network look like.
How many PCs?
How many servers?
How many users?
What does this switch connect to, router, firewall, pcs, servers, all of them?

Is it a specific port that has the discards?
NolanDorsettAuthor Commented:
We have 50cs,5 servers, 60users, 1 router, 3com 4200 switches, The monitoring software is giving discards for the entire switch overall not a specific port, star topology.  Ill see where the switch connects.
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