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I have a server running Server 2003 R2. Does anyone know how I can configure it so that users can access their home directory and local intranet over the internet - like a WebVPN?
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using a web browser is not a typical solution, but you can set up a Windows VPN quite easily using the built in features of Windows server and/or Windows workstation.
It is quite straight forward to set up. The basic server and client configurations can be found at the following sites with good detail:
Server 2003 configuration:
Windows XP client configuration:
You will also have to configure the router to forward the VPN traffic to the server. This is done by enabling on your router VPN or PPTP pass-through, and also forwarding port 1723 traffic to the server's IP. For details as to how to configure the port forwarding, click on the link for your router (assuming it is present) on the following page:
The only other thing to remember is the subnet you use at the remote office needs to be different than the server end. For example if you are using 192.168.1.x at the office , the remote should be something like 192.168.2.x

Once this is configured you can then use services similar to how you would on the local network. You will not be able to browse the network unless you have a WINS server installed. Also depending on your network configuration you may have problems connecting to devices by name, though this can usually be configured.. Using the IP address is less problematic such as \\\SharenName.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Use a VPN you can set up Windows 2003 to be a VPN server and XP as a VPN client. See See for what its all about and a series of step-by-step guides
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks andrewjones1987.
Cheers !
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