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Exchange Migration Organisation name change

edsp8 asked
Last Modified: 2007-11-07
I am about to perform an Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2007 migration, using the ADC to move via Exhange 2003.  There is a new AD domain and trusts setup between that and the NT domain.  We want to rename the Exchange Organisation and are trying to establish when is the best time to do this. Should we change it on Exchange 2003 before we migrate users via ADC or should we wait and change the Organisation name on Exchange 2007 before we migrate to that new platform from 2003?  Does anyone know what pitfalls we may come up against?  


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The usual answer to Exchange Org renames is very simple. You can't.

If you must to do it, then do so before you introduce AD. Once you have any Exchange 200x servers involved renaming the Exchange org will not be possible.

Personally I don't care what the org name is. The users cannot see it and as long as it is valid that is fine.




Perhaps I wasn't exactly clear.  Can I not move users from "Exch Org A" on 5.5 via ADC to "Exch Org B" on 2003,  or something similar from 2003 to 2007?

But I see your point about the org name, unfortunately the client is adament he wants to change it.  
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You would have to rename the Org before any AD is introduced.
If you already have AD then you are looking at a new domain so that a new Exchange org can be built.




Thanks Simon, though I am pretty confused now I must admit as on the Exchange 2007 Microsoft blog site i presents situations where you are migrating users from 5.5 to a new Organisation on 2003 then on to 2007.  The NT domain is getting left behind and the users mailboxes are supposed to be moved to Exchagne 2003 then 2007, which would ideally be on a different Exchange Org.  

So perhaps remaning the org isn't what I mean but rather moving Exchange users to a new Org with a different name.  Should that happen at the 5.5 to 2003 stage or the 2003 to 2007 stage?

Sorry if I'm confusing the issue but not explaining myself properly!

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