setting up nat on a cisco 2821

My company will be moving. I have a Cisco 2821 just handling the T1 then a watchguard X1250 behind it. Before the move, our ISP gave us a block of public IPs, then a block of LAN public IPs. The LAN public IPs were obviously for the Ethernet port on the router to go to the Watchguard WAN port. Now the new ISP just gave one block of public IPs, so I'm assuming I have to NAT on the router to get to the Watchguard. What commands do I have to issue in order to do this? The ports that i need to be able to get to on the Watchguard to administer it from the outside are 4103, 4105, 4117, 4118. Thanks for the help!

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your ISP probably gave you an IP for the external interface on your router and an IP block

I'd do NAT on the watchgard in your place and just pass all traffic thru the router to the firewall

use one IP from the block on the internal interface of the router and another one on the firewall WAN interface. That will aloow you to connect to both these devices from outside if you choose so
Sometimes you can use unnumbered Serial interface. How big is a block of public addresses for your new location?
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