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Flash MX actionscript random number array

Hi Experts

I hope that someone can point this code in the right direction for me!

I am developing a hybrid page with php and flash.

I am trying to generate an array of 5 random numbers, that are unique, for a looped flash movie that is displaying info from a database table.

As the Flash file loops it uses the countedvar++ loop to select the next number in the array and pull the data from the database

When I tested this as a simple random number version it all works fine and the page displays the correct text so I am happy that it all works. Now that I am tring to generate a unique number   ....we'll i'm lost.

this code below just gives me  "undefined"

Anyone who can turn this around - big points bonus weekend!!

var txttitle:String = txttitle;

var myArray:Array = txttitle.split(",");

      function randList(M,N) {
      ary = [];
      for (i=1; i<M && N>0; ++i) {
            if (random(M-i)<N) {
var myArray:Array  = randList(12,4);
var txttitle:String = myArray[ary];

if (this.countedVar <= 0) {

else if(this.countedVar < 4) {

} else {
_root.gotoAndPlay ("close");
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