no compression and backup jobs erroring

Well, i got this server running windows server 2003 and we are using windows backup and a 36/72 tape drive.  the backup jobs are unsuccessful   do to size conflict, .. the size is over 36 but under 70 gigs... i need to know why this is happening or if theres something i need to do for the backup to compress
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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What program are you using for backup ?

Have you tested with a small backup to see if it works OK ?

You may need a program that knows how to turn on compression on your drive.

I hope this helps !
level9techAuthor Commented:
We are using windows backup . the one that comes with server 2003
level9techAuthor Commented:
yess a smaller than 36 gig backup works fine just the 36+ gig fail
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Check the help to see if it supports compression on the drive. I doubt it.

You should see if the Tape manufacturer has any utilities to permanently turn on compression.

[ih  I hope this helps !
Even if a tape drive supports compression, there are various reasons why you'll never get the 2:1 compression you would like.
See the bottom part of article for reasons why compression will be lower than 2:1.
level9techAuthor Commented:
it is a

36GB / 72GB
4mm Data Tape
Media Recognition System

Digital Data Storage
honmapogConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The spec-sheet at shows this model can do compression.
NTBackup can set compression on.
Forced accept.

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