Aligning images horizontally from an external HTML file

I am currently making a set of maps for a client. users will click on an area of the map and be shown a list of shops from that area. The list of shops is generated from a CMS system and is an external text file that i am loading in using LoadVars.

The problem i am having is that under the address of the shop there has to be a row of icons showing what the shop offers eg a football icon, a rugby icon etc. But loading the images in from the text file as regular <img> tags results in the images all stacking on top of each other instead vertically and not sitting horizontally as they would in a browser. I have tried both JPG and GIF files with the same result.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, or another method of importing the icons would also help.

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davemillhouseAuthor Commented:
I figured out the solution  this morning. You need to use vspace and hspace (with a negative value to pull it up into place) to get the images to sit side by side.
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