IMAP4 virtual server on second exchange 2003 server

HI I am mid way through swing migration of exchange 2003 and not all of my users have been moved across to the new server. There is a small portion of my users who use IMAP4 clients to view their email. At present this service is running on my old server and I would like to implement it on the new server. Would there be any issues having IMAP4 services running on two exchange servers? Also can i use the same certificate for communication that I am using for web mail?
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Dave StringfellowIT managerCommented:
no, you can run imap4 on both servers with no problem, its just listening for traffic on that server so you just tell the clients where to go, as for the certs, i have no idea, sorry.
You can use the same SSL certificate on both servers. However you can only have your DNS pointing at either server, not both. There is no way to share the certificate between both servers. If you have the certificate on serverb and someone with an account on servera tries to use it then they will be redirected.

paul_at_workAuthor Commented:
Thank you to both.

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