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IIS Restart on Exchange server flushes queue of old emails and NDR's?

Last Modified: 2008-01-09

I have just added a site to my IIS on the exchange server. As a result I had to restart the iis. This seemed to flush out a huge email queue of old emails and NDR's - 2 months worth and I am wondering where this would be. I dont think this is coincidence as just after I restarted IIS I had a number of calls from users alerting me to this fact. I often look at the queues in system manager  and there is sometimes one or two in there which I flush out but never this amount.

Do you know what queue this is? What are all the queues that I should actively monitor to make sure this does not happen again? Why are NDR's and emails (seems like only to certain companies) getting caught up and why is there no notification to this?

I really need to make sure this does not happen again.

Many Thanks,
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It is one of two things.

1. Either something that AV software has been storing and the reset has released the content.
2. The greylisting bug.
The greylisting bug only as a work around which is this registry setting:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Hi Sembee,

Thanks for the reply.

I do not have any AV running on the exchange server. The only two things which may be affecting it are:
1. Symbari Antigen
2. Lucid8 Digivault
I would probably say Antigen is the most likely culprit but I must admit I dont really know my way around this app.... All internally bound email is processed by mailprotector.net (an external spam and virus company) and then by Antigen. All outbound email which seems to be the cause only touched antigen on the way out........ does it have its own queue that I dont know about?

Digivault is just exchange realtime backup so dont think that will affect it in any way.

I also checked the greylisting reg entry but did not evern have Queueing under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SMTPSVC

Many Thanks,
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I have implemented the above as well as putting in a batch to restart the smtp service every evening at 6, I havent heard anything from the users yet but it is pretty difficult to determine if this has indeed fixed it. In any case I agree that all points go to Sembee!

Many Thanks
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