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we are getting a backup internet connection through a different carrier. I would like to load balance between the two... i would like to purchase a cisco router to do this. Will a 2811 support this? I dont really want to buy a really expensive router. What is the smallest I would need? also, would it be better to use just a default route for each isp or do i need full \ partial routing tables? What is the benefit of full \ partial if we are just hosting a couple websites?
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tvman_odConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I haven't seen full BGP on 2800

I had personal experience with 3660,3800,7200 and higher running full BGP.

Most likely it will work, but CPU load may be higher then normal 10-15%.
If I had to go with 2800 I would not put any other tasks on it.
what have you already in place?
jaysonfranklinAuthor Commented:
right now we just have our one isp's router connecting to our pix...
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You need to go a long way.

1. You will need to register your own AS (authonomus system)
2. You need to obtain at least C class network
3. For traffic balansing you need full BGP routing table because your router will need to decide which way to send packets.
4. I'd recommend at least 3800 router with 512M RAM. If possible go for 7200. 3660 will work as well but don't expect too much from it.

There are miths about load balansing on home/SOHO level devices, it's two separate connections with two separate publick IPs and NAT which sending packets out using round-robin method.
jaysonfranklinAuthor Commented:
I already have my as and c range, so you are saying that the 2800 series wont support this? Even the bigger 2851? The new 2800 line is supposed to be very robust, so Id rather go with one of those instead of the bigger (more expensive) 3800 series...
How much memory do you have in there?
Currently it's recommended to have 512M for BGP minimum.
jaysonfranklinAuthor Commented:
I have not purchased the router. My question is a pre-purchase question. If I get the 2800 series with a large amount of ram i should be ok? according to cisco's site, at least 512mb of ram plus advanced ip services image should take care of my needs.

I already did most of the homework, i was just looking for an expert to confirm.
jaysonfranklinAuthor Commented:
Cool, thanks a bunch.
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