Acrophobia Print Server on Linux Box

When I log on as an Administrator to my WinXP workstation I can successfully print to one of my PDF printers.  I receive my PDF via email.  When I log in as a regular user and print to a PDF printer I receive an Access Denied.  How do I change the security in the Linux box to allow regular users to print to the PDF printers?  The linux server is in a workgroup and has a static IP address.
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Acrophobia is the printing software which is shared out to windows PCs using samba.  The samba configuration is in /etc/samba.  Look for a the printer settings in the smb.conf file.  The configuration can get pretty complicated, so for exact answers post the file here - but you probably want to add something like "guest ok = yes" under the printer share, or to at least expand the list of authorized users.

Samba also has a nice web configuration program called swat that may or may not be installed and running on port 901.
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