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Changing primary email address with recipient policy

Last Modified: 2008-05-31
We need to change all of our users' email accounts to include an additional address.  This new address should also be the primary address (so that it appears as the reply to/ from address).  Users will need to receive emails sent to both domains.  As an example, John Doe has email address jdoe@ABC.com.  His new address should be john.doe@xyz.com.  He will need to receive emails sent to both addresses.

I have done some reading, and was wondering if this can be done easily through the default recipient policy.  If I add a new additional email address, with the syntax %g.%s@XYZ.com, set it as the primary email, and apply the update, will this work smoothly?  If not, can anyone please give me a suggestion on an easy way to roll this out through the entire active directory?
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Will this be affect the Reverse DNS entry for XYZ.com's MX record?  I know that many mail servers will not accept mail from mailservers with an incorrect (or no) reverse DNS entry.  If this is the case, would it be as simple as adding another reverse DNS entry for the MX record?

No, it has nothing to do with reverse DNS.

Yes, it has to be a correct entry, but that doesn't mean it has to be the same domain - it just has to resolve.

Think of big hosting companies that server thousands of domains, I can guarantee you they don't have one IP per domain.
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