Exporting Long Binary Data Fields from MS Access

We have used an old photo archiving program, Image Access Pro, to record our extensive photo collection.  The company making the program sold out 5 or 6 years ago, and so is unsupported.  We are trying to convert the database - an MS Access database - to another program, Extensis Portfolio.  Most of the fields in the old database are stored in a standard MS Access table, and we have transferred those to the new program with no problem.  However, the Description field is stored as "long binary data", and I can't figure out how to export that field.  I know the data is stored as long binary data strings somewhere, but I don't know where, and i have found no way of accessing them.  I have downloaded and installed "Ezy Exporter Premium" add-in for Access but it doesn't access the long binary data fields.

As you can see, I am no expert in MS Access or in SQL.  Is there any simple way I can export these long binary data fields to a text file?

Keith Holdeman
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This site describes how to do it:


and the parent page is very informative background.

Leigh PurvisDatabase DeveloperCommented:
It depends on your definition of Export.
You're moving the data to another db platform (is it SQL Server yeah?)

While using image files as an intermediatary is a possibility - I'd think of it as a fallback position personally.
If possible - try to keep this all in memory.
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